• Team

    Our team consists of multi-disciplinary engineers who have combined their primary university degree with professional experience in other engineering domains. This gives us a broad knowledge base for solving multi-domain problems. The team has a combined track record in professional R&D of 17 years and we operate as a well-oiled machine in designing new concepts, developing the technology and delivering a fully functional product. We keep track of the primary functionality and the secondary requirements through regular contact with the customer and we always strive to find a solution in a quick and efficient way.

    Edward Belderbos

    Director Technology - LinkedIn - eb@seastate5.com


    Mechanical: simulation of crane dynamics, design & testing of new lift mode for dynamically positioned heavy lift ship, design of heave compensator

    Project engineering: installation of subsea frame near Shetland islands, weather monitoring campaign, workability study for pipelay operations, mooring design for pipelay barge

    Willem Zwetsloot

    Director Operations - LinkedIn - wz@seastate5.com


    Electrical: design & delivery of solar powered fixed-wing drone in South-Africa, development of electrical drive train for solar powered car, development of hybrid battery and battery management system

    Control systems: design & implementation of calibration robot for automated solar panel testing,

    Jasper van Lammeren

    Product Development - LinkedIn - jl@seastate5.com


    Naval: hydrodynamic design of stinger for pipelay vessel, design of ship strength in waves, wave radar measurement campaign near Israel

    Structural: development of 2D load computer for heavy lift ship, structural assessment of oil platform lifting and transporting operation

    Bart Helwig

    Assistant Product Development








    Marco van der Arend

    Assistant Systems & Control








    Yaxi Peng

    Assistant Research & Development








    Adriaan Dekker

    Assistant Product Development








    Christiaan van Wijk

    Assistant Product Development








    Floris van Vliet

    Assistant Product Development








  • Advisors

    David Cerda Salzmann

    David Cerda Salzmann

    Technology Advisor

    Ampelmann Operations B.V.

    Manuel Mazo

    Manuel Mazo

    Technology Advisor

    Assistent Professor
    TU Delft Robotics Institute

    Frank Israel

    Frank Israël

    Finance advisor/ Controller

    Transparency Consultants

    Jan Willem Klerkx

    Jan Willem Klerkx

    Business Advisor

    Director of Sales and Business Development at Scyfer B.V.